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What Basic steps will involve in Building Surveys for London?

Are you looking for a new property? Well, if yes then you are required to have detail inspection of that building. Despite busy schedules it is not possible to survey by yourself so for that purpose Building surveyors would help you. They will do detail investigation as per your instruction. Their efficient mechanism would efficiently do this task. You must be thinking what sort of mechanism? Every professional building surveys in London would follow specific procedures, and they know what type of checks they have to implement.

Buyers are spending excessive amount to buy their dream property so every property surveyor should aim for detail inspection to prevent their valuable clients from massive loss. In this blog, you are going to know about necessary steps that would be involved in building surveys. What is the role of Surveyors in London? Take a look at their responsibilities.

Significance of Building Surveys


As per different studies, it has been figured out that majority people in London are scared of hiring property surveyors. They think it is an expensive process and it will cost a huge amount, so they prefer to do this by self or either skip that. Take a note here; Building surveys are suitable for all kind of old structured buildings. It is not a costly process which we use to imagine. Major companies are offering services for building surveyors. They are responsible for following duties

Building Inspection

Building inspections are being considered best for old structured buildings. It doesn’t mean you are going to buy newly constructed home always. If you get the old structural building at cost effective price then obviously you don’t want to miss this chance. Several buildings have damp walls and cracks too. It is important to know the main reasons behind these cracks and dampness.

Property Surveyors would mention all the defects with detail in the report and also how immediate they need attention? How much time is required in repairing? It can happen only when professional experts would do detail building inspection.

Survey Report

As we mentioned above, survey report would highlight all the defects which were observed in detail inspection. It is important to mention the nature of defects and how much time would be required to resolve these flaws? How much grant do you need to have? The survey report is an excellent way to elaborate all buildings elements in detail. It would help to figure out either this property would be appropriate for you or not. Let me add one thing here report has no formal format. It can be written in any format. The primary purpose of the report is to highlight the issues before making any deal.

Property Estimation

If your hired Chartered surveyors are approved by a mortgage lender, then it is quite possible he can do the estimation. Do you know these surveyors can be used for mortgage valuation as well? Their estimation would help to understand the property in detail.


These are the main responsibilities of every chartered surveyor. If you haven’t hired yet then go for top leading companies who have been part of several successful deals in the past and they know how to act in between client and buyer. You are going to spend a huge amount to buy dream property for your family, so detail inspection is required before any deal.